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How do I get my license key after purchase?

When your purchase is processed, you’ll receive emails from both MyCommerce (our payment service provider) and our company, Techieware Inc., with your purchase information and the license key within minutes.

What if I forgot my license key?

If you lost your license key, you can fill in the Resend License Key form if you still have the email address or the order number you used for the purchase to get your license key to resent automatically.

If you need further assistance, please email and we’ll reply as soon as we possibly can.

What if I don’t receive my license key after purchase?

If you haven’t received your license key 30 minutes after you completed the purchase, please feel free to let us know with one of the items below:

  • The email address you used for the purchase;
  • The order ID for the purchase; or
  • A relevant picture of your order information.

Then send us an email to <>, and we’ll reply as soon as we possibly can.

Do I need to pay sales tax/VAT?

Based on the information you provide on the checkout page, sales tax/VAT might apply. Please note that the sales tax/VAT is not charged by us, but by your regional government.

How do I turn off my automatic subscription?

You can fill in the subscription cancellation request form here, and we’ll process it for you. Or you can reach out to MyCommerce support and have your subscription turned off by them as well.

How do I get a refund?

To get a refund, just fill in the form here and we’ll process it for you. Or you can reach out to MyCommerce and have them process your refund.

Is Driver Techie free?

Yes, Driver Techie is free when you download the best-matched drivers for your computer one by one at throttled speed.

But if you want the whole process to be done for you automatically and quickly, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the Pro version, which will save you so much time and energy from having to wait for the download to finish and install the drivers manually by yourself.

How is Driver Techie Pro different from Driver Techie Free?

Driver Techie Pro comes with the following features when compared with the free version:

  • Fast download speed
  • One-click to update all drivers automatically
  • Automatic restore point created
  • Driver rollback
  • Free PC tech support
  • Check hardware information
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not happy

Can I use Driver Techie on a virtual machine?

No. A virtual machine is just the emulation of a computer system. In other words, the hardware information on a virtual machine is not real, it’s just a software environment created by another software, so it’d be pointless to install drivers in this case.

Can I use Driver Techie on Windows installed on Mac devices via Boot Camp?

No. Apple actually has a different set of rules when it comes to driver updates for Windows operating systems installed via Boot Camp. And here’s how you should update the drivers for your Windows OS on a Mac device:

Can I uninstall Driver Techie Pro from my current computer so I can use the same license key on a second computer with my 1 PC package?


If the license key you’ve purchased is for 1 PC, it’s meant for 1 computer only. So even if you uninstall Driver Techie Pro, the same license key won’t work on a second computer. If you want to use Driver Techie Pro on multiple devices, we suggest that you upgrade your purchase package. If you have any other questions regarding this, please feel free to let us know by sending us an email to <>.

Why do I need to update drivers?

Well, many computer problems, like not working sound, distorted screen display, ill working network connection, lagging computer, etc., are related to missing or outdated device drivers. So if you’re facing such computer problems, one of the first things to do is update your computer drivers.

Even if your computer hardware devices are working fine, more advanced drivers can actually make fuller use of the features designed by the device manufacturers.
Drivers for graphics cards is such an example. With newer graphic card drivers, the display performance will be improved as well. This is more obvious if you’re a PC gamer: with the video driver update, you’ll see better graphics performance when playing the games.

There’s no denying that the specifications of the display card itself decide how well it can do, the driver, however, is there to bring out almost most of what the graphics card has to offer. This is another layer of the importance of updated drivers.

Will updating drivers cause computer problems?

Nothing is free from errors, which is also the case with device drivers. So when the drivers are released by their developers, even when they are already tested, we still won’t just upload them to our driver database. Instead, we’ll run multiple tests on as many actual computers as we can find, trying our best to make sure that the drivers work on a variety of computer environment, before you can see them on your computer.

It’s our way to make sure that the possibility of computer problems caused by faulty drivers will be cut down to the minimum.

So if you have any problems after driver updates suggested by Driver Techie, please feel free to send us an email to <>, and we’ll be in touch.

Why does Driver Techie have different driver suggestions than other driver updaters?

Driver updaters have their unique algorithm when it comes to what drivers to suggest, and the same rule applies to Driver Techie. So it’s actually pretty normal that we have different driver suggestions.

But if you find drivers that we missed, please feel free to let us know here, and we’ll reward you with a free license key once we verify it.

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll try our best to include them here.

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